About Us

  Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

 Hearts Delight is a family owned and operated business. Started by Ron and Deborah in 1986. Now operated by them, along with the help of their five daughters. This business began as a supplemental income but after eight years came to support  the family. Deborah was a self-taught seamstress, who made many of her children's clothing and passed this skill on to her girls. She attended some college courses with her good friend Colleen, who is still part of the business. Ron is a union sheet metal worker by trade. He has continued to work in his trade to provide insurance for the family, and for the love of his work. He transferred his skills to pattern making and taught their daughter, Hannah, this skill as well.  

     Hearts Delight is well established on the circuit of Renaissance Fairs and Festivals. Participating in events throughtout the country, including Dicken's and Pirate themed fairs. Attached is a list of some of the fairs we have participated in for the longest duration.

     Ron and Deborah have received many awards for their servitude and outstanding presentation. Such as Booth building awards at Michigan Renaissance Festival, Northern California Renaissance Faire and Bay Area Renaissance Faire  (best Remodel).Best booth display at the Charles Dickens' Christmas Festival. Best neighbor award at Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, for always lending a hand to a newcomer or fellow vendor in need. At Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire, we won best hawker for 3 years in a row. Cyrus, the Meskers' grandson, received special commendation by the entertainment director for best hawker in the shire. We are quite proud of these achievements and feel that the greatest award is given by our returned customers. Our quality and customer service is apparent by our loyal clientele, participants and patrons alike!

     We take great pride in marketing our product in a comfortable and informational environment While fitting our customers in our clothing; we explain to them how and why the attire was worn in this fashion. We pay great attention to the appearance of our staff as this is important for the ambience of the festival, we show by example how the clothing is properly and authentically worn. Many of the juried shows we attend offer workshops for language and orientation for new comers; we provide literature and instruction ourselves.

Hearts Delight has hired many people for media day and promotional performances. We have also engaged in programs that made it possible for festivals to costume their staff. We cooperate to the best of our ability with pre-faire and non-show days. During the filming at Michigan Renaissance Festival, we opened and staffed our booth. We provided costuming for loan and extended a discount on purchases to the directors of the film. The upcoming season, we will offer a reusable shopping bag for purchase. A portion of the proceeds from this endeavor will go to RESCUE. We donate to many organizations and events throughout the year such as RESCUE, Friends of Faire, and individuals of our community. We proudly stand behind our craftmanship, the Hearts Delight Family!